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Jessie is developing

a series for Netflix. 

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Jessie is writing a feature film for Searchlight

Produced by Sharon Horgan, directed by Susanna Fogel.

Based on a true story about an all-female British stunt team.


Audio Book

Coming Soon!

"SISTERING is a laugh-aloud, cry-aloud, stark-naked love letter to the magic of knowing and being known-- to the sisterhood of art and holiness-- and it is couched in a very fun ride."
Ginnifer Goodwin, sister & actress
"Like a timeless  ballad sung in perfect two-part harmony, SISTERING is an absolute delight, and unlike anything I think I’ve ever read.  It has all of the  warmth and momentum of a great love story and at the same time raises searching, serious questions about love itself -- raises them, though, in the context of a richly and sometimes hilariously narrated family history. More, please?"
Carol Lee Flinders, PhD,
author of Enduring Grace: Living Portrait of Seven Women Mystics At the Root of This Longing: Reconciling a Spiritual Hunger and a Feminist Thirst 
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Jessica Dickey is an award-winning playwright whose writing was hailed by New York Times as having “freshness, economy, cheeky vulgarity, with a fine measure of poetic insight”, and the New Yorker magazine as “funny, smart, deep and sad”. She recently signed a development deal with ABC and Touchstone (Fox21). Jessie’s most recent play, The Convent, a dark comedy about a group of women who try to live like nuns in the middle ages, premiered Off-Broadway this year in a sold-out co-production with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Rising Phoenix and WeatherVane, and is now being developed into a series for Sarah Jessica Parker’s company Pretty Matches. Jessie’s play The Rembrandt (about a museum guard who decides to deliberately touch a Rembrandt painting) had a sold out run at Steppenwolf starring John Mahoney. Other plays have been premiered Off-Broadway in New York and produced around the country -- The Amish Project, about the 2006 Nickel Mines school shooting in an Amish community; then Charles Ives Take Me Home, about a violinist father and his basketball star daughter; and Row After Row, a dark comedy about Civil War re-enactors. In television, Jessie recently joined the writers room for Apple TV’s comedy “Physical”, starring Rose Byrne. She is also developing a show with Tom McCarthy’s company, Slow Pony, about young female clergy. Her next world premiere is coming up this season on the west coast: Nan and the Lower Body is a dark comedy about the creation of the Pap Smear and her maternal grandmother (commissioned by Manhattan Theater Club and the Sloan Foundation). Jessie is a member of the exclusive New Dramatists and a recipient of the prestigious Stavis Award. 

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(The PAP

Smear Play)

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(the senior

sex play)



Becoming Katharine Hepburn



The Convent

“Jessica Dickey's handsome, sometimes hysterical drama swims vigorously against the tide... Daring and new,

daringly theatrical... trademarks of Ms. Dickey's plays.” The New York Times

“Dickey's commitment to big feels is commendably unflinching-- she does not hide behind ironic distance.” The New Yorker

“Finely crafted well of uncertainty... Fierce, feminine glory... Dickey adds just enough poetry to catch your ear, just enough feminist rage to get your heart beating, and just enough blunt wit to ensure we take all this so-called wisdom with a grain of salt.” TheaterMania

The Rembrandt

“Punch lines fly! Dickey's script is frisky enough to time-hop and draw you into the show's funny-sad world” The Washington Post

"Dickey’s script has a balance of poignancy and playfulness. Her world-premiere work has already won the National Theatre Conference’s Barrie and Bernice Stavis Award… and she has assuredly earned it. Go see… as soon as you can. It is art, it is heartbreak, and it is best described as an excellent night at the theatre." --BroadwayWorld

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